Digital Marketing

Designed digital marketing assets for successful brands which included Google Ads, Facebook athlete influencer posts, email marketing campaigns and more.


Digital Ads

  • Designed Google and Amazon ads for Six Star Pro and MuscleTech
  • Designed Facebook ads and weekly posts for Six Star Pro
  • The ads ran throughout the year featuring brand awareness, campaigns, retailer promos, product features and new launches

Google Display Ads for Six Star Pro

Google Display Ads for MuscleTech

Facebook Image and Carousel Ads

Amazon Display Ads for Six Star Pro


Social Media

  • Designed weekly social post for Six Star Pro on all platforms
  • Designed social posts for Six Star Pro Athletes such as Rob Gronkowski, Danica Patrick, Russell Westbrook and Giancarlo Stanton which were posted on their social feeds





Email Marketing

  • Designed and sent out emails for Six Star Pro, MuscleTech and Purely Inspired
  • These emails featured monthly promotions, campaigns and added value content from training and nutritional articles
Monthly Email - Six Star Pro
Promo Email - Six Star Pro
Product Feature Email - MuscleTech
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